Welcome to Bantry Bay Bernedoodles

We have availability for June/July 2024!Please fill out our application for more information!

Our Summer /Fall puppy waiting list is now open!!  Please fill out an application to get on the wait list for June/July pups!

 We raise beautiful home raised Bernedoodles ranging in sizes from minis to standards. Our Bernedoodles have great dispositions with sweet yet playful temperaments and are hypoallergenic with low-no shedding. Our coat types range from wavy/shaggy, loose curl/wavy, to curly and even flat coats! Our colors include the tri color, sable-tri, sable, blonde, gold and white,black and white, and the phantom colors. Please visit our FAQ different coat types page to see examples of these different types of coats.

Our puppies are raised in the home with us around children and other pets. Our adult dogs are in the home or in guardian homes. We understand the importance of raising puppies with proper socialization and good behavior training that must be introduced to puppies at an early age. We follow the Rule of 7's puppy socialization process:

  • Been in 7 different, safe locations
  • Eaten from 7 different containers
  • Met at least 7 different people
  • Ridden at least 7 miles in a car
  • Been in a crate at least 7 times (more is better)
  • Played with 7 different kinds of toys
  • Been exposed to 7 different contexts
  • Been played with or taken somewhere alone, without mom or litter mates, 7 different times

This environment creates puppies with temperaments that are great pets for families, companion dogs or as therapy or service dogs due to their sweet, loving, steady and easygoing temperaments. If you are looking for a potential therapy/service dog, please let us know ahead of time so we can ensure we set aside a puppy who think will have that temperament.

Doodles were appealing for numerous reasons. They are hypoallergenic for those with allergies, they have little to no shedding and come in a variety of sizes! The most appealing aspects of the doodles, however, is that they have wonderful temperaments and tend to be healthier and live longer than purebred dogs.

  We provide a fourteen day health guarantee and a one year hereditary health guarantee. Before any of our puppies go to their new homes they receive a comprehensive health check, have their first set of shots and are up to date on their dewormings.

We are located in Frederick County, Virginia right in the valley of the Blue Ridge Mountains and in New England! We generally provide puppies across the United States and Internationally. 

Visit our new Instagram page!!! Bantrybaybernedoodles. There's lots of photos and videos of previous pups!!!