The Different Coat Types

Bernedoodles come in a variety of different coat colors, textures and styles. When two different dog breeds are combined in the F1, F1b and F2b generations, the puppies can end up with a variety of different coat types. Listed below are the most common different coat types and colors.

This is the classic tri colored, wavy/shaggy  bernedoodle. The tri color is the classic black, brown and white color that resembles the Bernese side. 

This is the classic party tri colored coat type. The party tri color is characterized by having more white coloring than the black coloring. The brown color is still present. This coat  is the wavy/loose curl type.


Here is the classic curly coat type with the phantom coloring. The phantom coloring is marked by the bi color combination of black and brown. The curly coat type is the best coat type for those with allergies.


This is the tri color (left) and phantom color (right) with the short or smooth coat type. This is also sometimes referred to as the unfurnished look or the reverse doodle coat. This coat type resembles the Bernese parent and requires less maintenance than the other common coat types.  Grooming is minimal and it is a wash and wear type coat. If you are looking for a Bernese with less shedding this may be the coat type for you. It comes in a variety of different colors.


This is the bi colored black and white coat type with a wavy/loose curl type. This coat type typically does not fade as some of the other colors may.


Here is the sable tri color with the shaggy/wavy coat type.


This is the classic bi color gold and white coloring. The coat type is wavy/loose curl.